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If water damage is severe, you’ll need to remove any mold that’s formed. Our mold remediation Tulsa OK service is here to quickly remove mold and make effected areas safe to be in. Call is now: (918) 228-5250

Mold Remediation Tulsa

Our process for removing mold leaves property owners in Tulsa satisfied that their properties, homes, and businesses are safe to be in again! Need water damage restoration services? We have that too!

Repair the water damage that’s present.

This will aid avoid new mold spores from growing.

Separate the Mold contaminated area.

Close all doors and windows in between the infected location and also other rooms of the residence for both degrees. For Degree 2 remediation, likewise cover all doorways as well as any other openings with 6 mil polyethylene sheeting. Seal all seams of the sheeting with air duct tape and also slip openings in the sheeting to enter the infected area.
Reduce dust. Do this by misting the polluted areas.

Eliminate materials.

Remove all wet as well as mold-damaged porous materials. Check with your manager and also referral Epa (EPA) files on mold and mildew remediation if you’re not sure which products to remove.

Place products in plastic bags and seperate them from the are.

Dispose of all wet and also moldy materials in plastic bags that go to the very least 6 mil thick, double-bag the materials, and also link the bags shut. The bags can be thrown away as routine garbage once the outside of the bags are cleaned with a wet towel as well as cleaning agent service before leaving the contamination area.

Tidy. All non-porous products and timber surface areas that are moldy must be cleaned up. Use a cable brush on all musty surface areas and then clean the area with non reusable wipes. To take care of as regular trash, dispose of wipes in 6 mil polyethylene bags, double-bag and also tie closed. Ultimately, scrub all musty surface areas using a wet cloth and cleaning agent solution up until all mold and mildew has been gotten rid of and rinsed cleaned up surfaces with clean water.

Clean the affected area.

The procedure for Degree 1 varies from Level 2 at this moment. For Degree 1, tidy with a wet towel and/or wipe with cleaning agent solution. Level 2 requires you to vacuum all surfaces with a HEPA vacuum, and after that clean all surfaces with a damp towel and/or wipe as well as detergent option. Discard wipes as defined over.


All areas should be noticeably devoid of contamination and also debris– no dirt and dirt means no mold and mildew.

Dry. Cleaned up materials should be dried to allow leftover dampness to evaporate. To speed up the drying out process, use followers, dehumidifiers or raise the indoor air temperature level.

Change. All materials that were moved should be replaced or fixed.


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