Having a water damage emergency can be very scary. We understand that!

However, if you’re experiencing a water damage situation right now … the first thing you need to do is stay calm.

You’ll need your wits and your cool if you want to keep ahead of the situation.

Here’s what you need to do if you’re ever in a bad situation with water damage …

Step #1: Get Out Of The Property Right Away

Due to the uncertain nature of water damage emergencies, staying in a location with water damage is unsafe! You need to evacuate right away. Get yourself and your family, and any pets, out of the property right away.

Treat it like you would a fire.

Water can damage windows, floors, roofs, and every part of the house. You can quickly get caught in a worse situation if you stay in the property so make sure to leave RIGHT away.

Step #2: Note The Source Of The Water

Is it leaking from a pipe? Is there a pipe burst or some other source of internal water?

Be sure to note this … when you contact your insurance agent they will want to know. The water damage restoration company will also need to know this as well.

Write down as many details as soon as possible.

Step #3: Call A Restoration Service In Tulsa OK

You need to get the experts onto the scene ASAP. Water damage restoration Tulsa OK is here to help you in these situations.

We can get onto the scene in a timely manner to begin cleaning and begin the restoration process.

If the property is safe, you can begin mopping and draining any excess water that’s easy and safe for you to reach. Never wade into water, however, because you don’t know if there’s an electrical outlet or wire exposed.

If you’re uncertain at ALL about anything, stop and wait for the experts to show up.